Advanced Problems in Mathematics by Vikas Gupta PDF

Advanced problems in mathematics by vikas gupta pdf: This is time to add one of the highly useful books on maths which is Advanced Problems in Mathmetics for JEE Main & Advanced which is written by Pankaj Joshi and Vikas Gupta.  

It is one of the most popular books on mathematics among the JEE mains and advanced aspirants. Those candidates who are preparing for JEE exams then it is the must have book for you to add in your preparation journey. This whole book split into 5 parts and each part further covers various chapters which cover all the important topics.  

Advanced problems in mathematics by vikas gupta pdf

Each chapter is well written in a very simple and easy to comprehend manner. All those aspirants who are looking for the best book to cover Advanced Problems in Mathemetics then you can refer to this book pdf to cover this subject.  

With this book you will also get the advanced problems in mathematics by vikas gupta solutions pdf that will be very useful to know the detailed solution of each question.  advanced problems in mathematics by vikas gupta pdf 

Here, we are going to provide you the advanced problems in mathematics by vikas gupta pdf along with its solution. You can get the book pdf by referring to the link below and save it in your system to read it further.  

Contents of vikas gupta maths book pdf free download 


  • Function 
  • Limit 
  • Continuity, Differentiability, and Differentiation 
  • Application of Derivatives 
  • Indefinite and Definite Integration 
  • Area Under Curves 
  • Differential Equations 


  • Quadratic Equations 
  • Sequence and Series 
  • Determinants 
  • Complex Numbers 
  • Matrices 
  • Permutations and Combinations 
  • Binomial Theorem 
  • Probability 
  • Logarithms 

Co-ordinate Geometry  

  • Straight Lines 
  • Circle 
  • Parabola 
  • Ellipse 
  • Hyperbola 


  • Compound Angles 
  • Trigonometric Equations 
  • Solution of Triangles 
  • Inverse Trigonometric Functions 

Vector & 3-Dimensional Geometry  

  • Vector & 3-Dimensional Geometry 

About black book maths vikas gupta pdf 

Book Name Advanced Problems In Mathmetics For JEE Main & Advanced For Examination
Author Name sd yadav
Format PDF
Size MB
Pages 167
Language English and Hindi

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