Damaged Goods LJ Shen PDF

Damaged goods lj shen pdf: This is the high to embark upon the newly released part in the highly anticipated and acclaimed romance series All Saints High Series. It is the time to grab the newly launched part in the enemies to lover romance series All Saints High Series. 

These are the 3 books in the series, which is going to be published on January 23, 2024, with the book name Damaged Goods: An Angsty Football Romance. It is the bestselling series which is written by USA today bestselling author L.J. Shen.  

Damaged goods lj shen pdf

L.J. Shen is a contemporary romance author known for her bestselling novels in the romance genre. She has gained popularity for her emotionally charged and often intense stories that explore love, relationships, and personal growth. 

All Saints High Series is a multiple part series, and this is a 4 volume that will be readable in kindle, audiobook and paperback format. damaged goods lj shen pdf

 It is the must-read part of romance lover, which is full of love, romance, raw, emotional and much more elements to experience throughout the journey.   

Highlights of the book excerpt:      

Bailey Followhill epitomizes the ideal daughter—sweet, charitable, and impeccably put-together. A control freak to the core, she contrasts sharply with her troublemaking sister, Daria.

However, when her stellar performance at Juilliard unravels into a lukewarm C-, Bailey’s carefully curated life begins to fray like the worn satin ribbons of her pointe shoes.

Gossip paints her as the Troubled Child, a supposed drug abuser, no longer recognizable to her once-devoted best friend.

About damaged goods lj shen epub

Book Name Damaged Goods: An Angsty Football Romance
Author  LJ Shen
Format PDF
Pages 418
Size mb 
Release date January 23, 2024
Language English

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