Just for the Summer Abby Jimenez PDF

Just for the summer abby jimenez pdf: This is the time to be ready to embark upon the forthcoming novel in the most awaited category which is Contemporary Women Fiction. There is a new novel from the beloved and New York Times bestselling author Abby Jimenez is going to be launched on April 2, 2024.  

The cover title of the book was published, and it is Just for the Summer which is created by well-known author Abby Jimenez.  

Just for the summer abby jimenez pdf

Abby Jimenez is an acclaimed author recognized for her heartfelt and emotionally resonant contemporary romance novels.  

With a talent for crafting relatable characters and compelling narratives, Abby’s stories explore themes of love, loss, family, and second chances. just for the summer abby jimenez pdf

This novel is the must-read novel of the month for all the fans of Yours Truly novel. The cover page of the novel seems very attractive and is going to grab the attention of the fans and readers.  

If you have not yet read any novels of Abby, then this is the best time to grab his newly launched novel that is going to be released in many reading formats including kindle, audiobook, hardcover and paperback.  

Highlights of the book synopsis:

Prepare for a witty and heartwarming summer read that will have you laughing and crying happy tears, courtesy of the New York Times bestselling author of Yours Truly.  

Meet Justin, who seems to be cursed in love. Thanks to a viral Reddit thread, the whole internet knows about it too.  

It’s a bizarre phenomenon: every woman he dates finds her soulmate right after they break up.  

When a woman reaches out to him with the same problem, they hatch a crazy plan: they’ll date each other and purposefully break up.

About just for the summer abby jimenez epub 

Book Name Just for the Summer
Author  Abby Jimenez
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 432
Language English
Release date April 2, 2024

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