Comprehension Kranti Prashant Solanki PDF

comprehension kranti prashant solanki pdf

Comprehension kranti prashant solanki pdf: Hey guys, here we came with one of the highly useful books for all those aspirants who are preparing for a competitive exam and facing problems with English comprehension. Yes, we are talking about the newly released book by Prashant Solanki which is Comprehension Kranti.  This book is designed for … Read more

120 Rules of Grammar PDF by Nimisha Bansal

120 rules of grammar pdf by nimisha bansal

120 rules of grammar pdf by nimisha bansal: 120 Rules of Grammar by Nimisha bansal is a very useful book with a special kind approach that serves the important concepts and practice sets, questions mock test to make the learning easier for the readers and also help in solving the doubts and query.  To clear … Read more

Error Pro by Aman Vashishth PDF

error pro by aman vashishth pdf

Error pro by aman vashishth pdf: Hello guys, in this article we are going to share with you one of the highly popular books of 2023 on English grammar. Yes, the title of the book is Error Pro by AMAN VASHISHTH SIR. This book is written by the renowned personality and author of ‎Vocab pro … Read more

Plinth to paramount PDF download

plinth to paramount pdf

Plinth to paramount by neetu singh pdf: There are many competitive examinations that include English sections like SSC CGL, MTS, CPO, CDS, CAT, MAT, MBA and other college and universities examinations. Plinth to paramount pdf English book is dedicatedly designed for all those aspirants who are preparing for these examinations and searching for the best … Read more

Self Introduction in English PDF

self introduction in english pdf

Self introduction in English pdf download: Self introduction means to introduce yourself in front of others such as teacher, employer etc. It covers details about the aspirants such as name, education, family, hobbies, work experience etc. Generally students afraids of self introduction and hesitate but after knowing the proper format and method of self introduction, … Read more

5000 + Daily Use English Sentences Book by Kanchan PDF

5000 + daily use english sentences book by kanchan pdf

5000 + daily use english sentences book by kanchan pdf: The English language is the most spoken language in the world and is considered as the universal language of communication. It is essential to have a good command of the language to have effective communication, especially in the era of globalization. However, not everyone has … Read more

Learn english in 30 days PDF

learn english in 30 days pdf

Learn english in 30 days pdf download: English speaking becomes very important for the individual to perform various day to day tasks. There are many aspirants who face difficulty in speaking english but there are various books and study materials available that can aid the individual to learn some basic vocabulary within a few days. … Read more

Dharmendra Sir Red Book of Super Fast Spoken English PDF

dharmendra sir red book of super fast spoken english pdf

Dharmendra sir red book of super fast spoken english pdf: The Red Book of Super Fast Spoken English by Dharmendra Sir is a comprehensive guide for anyone looking to improve their English speaking skills. The book is a compilation of proven tips and techniques that can help learners speak English fluently and confidently. Dharmendra Sir … Read more

English Grammar and Composition Pal and Suri PDF

english grammar and composition pal and suri pdf

English grammar and composition pal and suri pdf: English grammar and composition” by Pal and Suri is a comprehensive book that offers a detailed and practical approach to learning english. The authors have a wide range of teaching experience in fundamentals of English grammar. The authors have used all of their experience in this book … Read more

Mb Publication English book PDF

mb publication english book pdf

Mb publication english book pdf: There are various books available in the market to prepare english section for the competitive examinations. Here, we will discuss one of them i.e ak singh ssc english book pdf.  The english book by ak singh is very popular among the students who are preparing for various competitive examinations like … Read more