The Brothers Hawthorne Jennifer Lynn Barnes PDF

the brothers hawthorne jennifer lynn barnes pdf

The brothers hawthorne jennifer lynn barnes pdf: There we are thrilled to share with you the release of the upcoming part of the highly acclaimed and bestselling series The Inheritance Games. Yes, it is true that a 4 part of the The Inheritance Games series is soon going to come out in the month of August.  … Read more

Bigby Presents Glory of the Giants PDF

bigby presents glory of the giants pdf

Bigby presents glory of the giants pdf: Here we are excited to unveil the upcoming book of the highly popular and well-known role playing game Dungeons & Dragons. There is a new book called Bigby Presents: Glory of Giants which will be released on August 15, 2023.  You will get the presence of the book … Read more

Comprehension Kranti Prashant Solanki PDF

comprehension kranti prashant solanki pdf

Comprehension kranti prashant solanki pdf: Hey guys, here we came with one of the highly useful books for all those aspirants who are preparing for a competitive exam and facing problems with English comprehension. Yes, we are talking about the newly released book by Prashant Solanki which is Comprehension Kranti.  This book is designed for … Read more

Ayurved Book PDF free download

ayurved book pdf

Ayurved book pdf: Ayurved/Ayurveda is the oldest medication system, it is believed to have existed 5000 years ago. The word “Ayurveda” is composed of two words in which “Ayur” means long life and “Veda” refers to knowledge or Science. Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita and Ashtanga Hridaya are the ancient texts of Ayurveda. In these texts, … Read more

Math Concept King Gagan Pratap PDF

math concept king gagan pratap pdf

Math concept king gagan pratap pdf free download: Mathematics is often regarded as a subject that requires a lot of hard work, determination and a lot of time. In order to succeed in mathematics one needs to have a good understanding of concepts, formulas and theorems. The exact requirements are fully filled by “Math Concept … Read more

Charaka Samhita PDF

charaka samhita pdf

Charaka samhita pdf: The Charaka Samhita is an ancient text on Ayurveda, an Indian system of traditional medicine. It is believed to have been written by the sage Charaka in the 2nd century BC. It is considered as one of three main texts of Ayurveda along with the Susruta Samhita and Astanga Hridaya. The Charaka … Read more

Steam Table PDF Download

steam table pdf

Steam table pdf download: Steam is a gaseous form of water or we can say it is a vapor state of liquid. Steam is formed when liquid is heated upto or more than boiling point, a variety of liquids have different boiling points. Steam gets prepared when liquids gain energy in the form of heat … Read more

Log table PDF Download

log table pdf

Log table pdf download: Logarithms is a mathematical term which is used to solve mathematical problems and expressions in the form of exponents and powers. Logarithm is defined as the inverse function of the powers or exponents. Logarithm was introduced by John Napier to reduce the calculations and to make calculations easier to handle in … Read more

Sociology Haralambos and Holborn PDF

haralambos and holborn pdf

Haralambos and holborn pdf: Hello guys, here we are going to share with you the Haralambos and Holborn – sociology themes and perspectives by Haralambos. This book is a very useful book for those students who are undergraduate students and looking for a good book to cover Sociology subject. It provides a very comprehensive guide … Read more

Mahabharata book PDF Download

mahabharata book pdf

Mahabharata book pdf: Today we will talk about The Mahabharata in concise form because it is a very bulky and largest of all epics even in the world.  Mahabharat is one of the major epic of the two epics and the other is Ramayan. It is pronounced as Mahabharatam in Sanskrit, being an ancient, sacred … Read more