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Ba books pdf: Today we will be giving you ideas about the subjects in B.A from first year till last year.

Usually B.A  is a three year graduation course or programme. It is a prominent course among the students preparing for Civil services, state services and for those who take interest in social studies like History, Geography, English etc.

BA Books PDF Download

Basically there are three core subjects in B.A, one can choose more subjects as elective subjects. If we talk in context of core subjects, there are three subjects till second year and in final year you can eject any one subject from your course. 

Few important Subjects in B.A are as follows:-

  • English Language 
  • Political Science 
  • Economics 
  • Sociology 
  • History
  • Geography 
  • Psychology 

Now we will discuss the books one by one. 

English Language 

English is a very popular language among the world because it has now become a general language for communication and interpretation of ideas. 

The English Language itself contains knowledge of reading and speaking. This language comprises tenses, structures, voices, narration, pronunciation etc. 

Ba english pdf

Political Science 

Political Science is the study of politics, power and civics. This subject proves to be quite interesting because it gives us a view of politics, political happenings, election processes, ideologies used by the government, policies, understanding the constitution, judiciary etc. This is a very demanding subject among the understudies.
Political Science pdf


Economics as a subject is a wonderful subject in the field of education. This subject aims to give you the knowledge of statistics data, working of markets, model of investments and growth rate, production and consumption of goods and services. Economics has its focus on marketing and marketing strategies as well. 


Sociology is the study of human behavior, societies, culture related facts and ideologies, social interactions, patterns of relationships, law, sexuality, gender related, educational gap, sex ratio behavioral nature of a person for others. This includes micro and major researches, studies for implementing this subject on ground. This is an awesomeness enriched subject because it will give you an idea of how people are diverse and inter related to one another.
Sociology pdf


History is the study of past matters and affairs that happened a long time ago in our nature. Like invasion of peoples in India, warriors of our past, early cultures, nomadic lives, revolutionary discoveries, attacks, strategies of invaders and warriors. There are many people who are always eager to know about the past of our India, can go with this subject.
History pdf


Geography means study of nature  Earth and relation between the living beings and Earth. Geography focuses on the study of planets, sky, stars, space, rivers, mountains, peaks, plateaus, mineral belts, resources, oceans, boundaries, areas, soil, nature of climate in different regions etc. 

This is all about the contents one reads in Geography. 


Psychology is the science based study of the human mind and its working principles. This subject is a huge subject in terms of knowledge, being a bulky and interesting subject makes one understand the state of mind, behavior of mind in various conditions, body language, reaction of body, frequency of mind, mind predictions etc. 

We have completed the discussion of the subjects in B.A in Brief. 

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