Everyday vocabulary PDF Download

everyday vocabulary pdf

Everyday vocabulary pdf by kumkum gupta download: To speak in english it is required to have a good knowledge of vocabulary or to have a strong vocabulary base or the proper use of english. There are numerous aspirants who wish to learn english speaking but poor vocabulary is one of the hurdles in their learning … Read more

A mirror of common errors PDF

a mirror of common errors pdf

A mirror of common errors pdf download: English grammar section is considered as one of the most significant subjects for the preparation of different examinations and also for their english communication or to learn english. To compete with the daily challenges, it is very important to learn english communications skills. Now english is considered a … Read more

Nelson Mandela Class 10 PDF

nelson mandela class 10 pdf

Nelson mandela class 10 pdf: Today we are going to discuss the lesson long walk to freedom written by Nelson Mandela from class 10 English book first flight. It is the second chapter of class 10 English book first flight. This lesson long walk to freedom is taken from his autobiography by the same name … Read more

A letter to god PDF download

a letter to god pdf

A letter to god full story pdf: A letter to god pdf is a first chapter of the class 10 english book first flight that covers a story of a farmer Lencho (farmer) who writes a letter to the God when his crops are ruined, asking for a hundred pesos. The chapter covers oral comprehensive … Read more

Sp Bakshi English Book PDF

Sp bakshi english book pdf

Objective general english by sp bakshi pdf: The latest edition of the sp bakshi english book pdf will help the aspirants in identifying their preparation and also assist in directing the aspirants towards their goals. The revised edition of the sp bakshi pdf has enough resources to achieve your dream and make them true. This book … Read more

One word substitution PDF

one word substitution pdf

One word substitution pdf download: One word substitutions means use of a word in place of a long phrase to make the sentence meaningful. For the aspirants who are trying to improve their english communication skill, then one word substitutions is also a very important section that can’t be skipped, it helps the aspirants in … Read more

Deep water PDF download

deep water pdf

Deep water pdf download: Hi everyone in this article we are going to talk about the story of deep-water class 12 by William Orville Douglas. The story begins with the narrator describe an event that took place when he was 10 or 11 years old. The narrator had decided to learn swimming at the YMCA pool in … Read more

Class 12 English Book Vistas PDF Download

class 12 english book vistas pdf download

class 12 english book vistas pdf download: Class 12 English book vistas is a supplementary reader in English that is based on the National Curriculum Framework 2005. The ultimate purpose of designing this book is to make reading enjoyable to the students. While designing the book it ensure to present the varied themes and genres … Read more

5000 Idioms and Phrases PDF Download

idioms and phrases pdf 

5000 Idioms and Phrases PDF Download: Idioms and phrases are one of the very important parts of the English language. It is used in every form of English language whether it is formal and informal, written or spoken. Before going ahead we will first understand the meaning of both terms with the help of examples.  … Read more

Arihant English Grammar Book PDF

arihant english grammar book pdf

Arihant english grammar book pdf: English grammar and composition book is one of the very important books for all those aspirants preparing for the competitive examinations. This book covers each and every topic of Grammar in a very detailed manner and along with this it also provides a test yourself exercises for self assessment as … Read more