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Alpha’s regret jessica hall pdf: This is the time to embark upon the forthcoming book in the newly created fantasy series Regret Series. There is the first book in the series that is going to be launched on October 12, 2023, with the book name Alpha’s Regret: My Luna Has a son.

Regret Series is created by well-known international bestselling author Jessica Hall and Alpha’s Regret is the 1 book in this series which is going to be published in kindle format. She is a dark paranormal romance author known for her international best-selling novels. She also has the role of being a mother of five and hails from Australia. 

Alpha’s regret jessica hall pdf

This fantasy novel is about the story of a girl Everly who is the elder daughter in Alpha’s family and going to become an Alpha in line. Suddenly, there is a twist that came when she found herself pregnant with Alpha’s son.  

Then, the twist came when Alpha Valen refuge to ever being with her. She was forced to be with this title and not abort her child.  alpha's regret jessica hall pdf

After few years he came to adopt her and his son, but Everly refuse to be with him. Now, the question that came to your mind is whether she resisted herself or became his Luna. 

So, to know the entire story refer to the link below to grab your copy and unfold the entire story.  

Highlights of the book excerpt:  

Everly, as the Alpha’s eldest daughter and heir apparent to the Alpha role, had her destiny clearly mapped out. However, her life takes a sharp turn when she discovers that she is carrying the child of the infamous Blood Alpha.

The situation becomes even more complicated when Alpha Valen vehemently denies any involvement with her, and her father, unwilling to accept a “rogue” for a daughter, disowns her. 

About alpha’s regret my luna has a son pdf

Book Name alpha’s regret jessica hall read online
Author  Jessica Hall
Format PDF
Pages 552
Size mb 
Release date October 12, 2023
Language English

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