CGL Practice King by Gagan Pratap PDF

CGL practice king by gagan pratap pdf: There is a new book for CGL aspirants that is being released recently by one of the popular teachers and author Gagan Pratap. The new book CGL Practice King 3000+ TCS MCQ was released recently for CGL aspirants which comprises of 3000+ MCQs.  

Are you ready to grab this book for your upcoming CGL examinations? This book will help you to give new way to your preparation journey by adding this book in your preparation.  

CGL practice king by gagan pratap pdf

This book is written by renowned teacher Gagan Pratap Sir and published by Champion Publication.   

This book presents the comprehensive coverage of 3000+ Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) which are arranged in a chapter-wise manner and gives a step-by-step guide to succeed in your upcoming exams.  cgl practice king by gagan pratap pdf

CGL is one of the highly demanding government examinations among the aspirants and there is very high competition among the students.  

In this book you will get a wide range of questions that will help you to tackle different types of problems that were previously asked in the exam and various others.  

This book is ideal for beginner to advanced level aspirants and if you also want to be proficient in math then you can get this book to progress your preparation.  

Here you will get a detailed explanation of every question that will help you to cover each aspect of the questions and its solving techniques.  

With the help of this book, you will be able to gain knowledge, skill and confidence which is required to compete the competitive examinations.  It is a highly recommended book to add in your path to CGL exams.  

Contents of cgl practice king 3000+ tcs mcq pdf 

  • Ch. 1. Number System 
  • Ch. 2. Simplification 
  • Ch. 3. LCM & HCF 
  • Ch. 4. Percentage  
  • Ch. 5. Profit & Loss  
  • Ch. 6. Discount  
  • Ch. 7. Simple Interest  
  • Ch. 8. Compound Interest 
  • Ch. 9. Ratio & Proportion  
  • Ch. 10. Mixture & Allegation  
  • Ch. 11. Age 
  • Ch. 12. Partnership 
  • Ch. 13. Average  
  • Ch. 14. Time & Work  
  • Ch. 15. Pipe & Cistern 
  • Ch. 16. Time, Speed & Distance  
  • Ch. 17. Boat & Stream  
  • Ch. 18. Race  
  • Ch. 19. Algebra  
  • Ch.20. Geometry 
  • Ch. 22. Trigonometry 
  • Ch. 21. Height & Distance 
  • Ch. 23. 2D-Mensuration  
  • Ch. 24. 3D-Mensuration 
  • Ch. 25. Data Interpretation 

About cgl practice king 3000+ tcs mcq pdf 

Book Name CGL Practice King 3000+ TCS MCQ
Author Name  Gagan Pratap
Format PDF
Size mb
Pages 450
Language English

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