Hooky Volume 3 PDF

Hooky volume 3 pdf: The highly anticipated release of the year is just around the corner. “Hooky (Volume 3)” is all set to mark the thrilling conclusion to Miriam Bonastre Tur’s New York Times bestselling series. Based on the beloved webtoon comic, this graphic novel takes on an exciting heartfelt journey through the world of magic, family, friends and epic adventure.

With the final volume expected to release in September 2023 fans are eagerly waiting to unravel the final saga of the story of twin witches Dani and Dorian in the world of magic. Miriam Bonastre Tur has put her soul to the final arc and is trying to make this an epic read that will remain in the hearts of readers for a long time.

Hooky volume 3 pdf

The story picks up after three years of anti-magic rule imposed by the King, which disconnects Princess Monica, Nice, Damien and Prince William from our beloved twin witches. They soon realize that the kingdom is in danger and the fate of the kingdom rests upon their shoulders.

They vow to rescue their friends and decide to bring an end to the encroaching darkness and make the kingdom a peaceful place. But not everything goes according to the plans right, the path of the story changes with Dorian’s disappearance and Dani’s mysterious curse. This serves as the driving force behind the group’s final epic adventure. hooky volume 3 pdf

In their final quest, Dorian and Dani along with their magic and non-magic friends must confront their past and make decisions that will shape the coming future.

Hooky volume 3 epub

They must truly realize who actually they are and what roles they play to use their power and influence to save the kingdom. The choices they make will have serious consequences, not only for them but also for the entire kingdom.

“Hooky (Volume 3)” seamlessly  puts together the elements of adventure, fantasy and heartfelt moments. The story almost becomes part of the reader with Miriam vivid storytelling, world building, action and adventure which captures the imagination of  readers and immerses them in the Hooky world.

It also explores the themes of friendship, loyalty and self discovery. This book is definitely going to become one of the best releases of 2023. Prepare for the epic adventure with spellbound story and action and find out what Hooky has to deliver.     

About hooky volume 3 read online

Book Name Hooky Volume 3
Author  Míriam Bonastre Tur
Format PDF
Size mb 
Release date September 5, 2023
Language English

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