Introductory Microeconomics Class 11 PDF TR Jain

Introductory microeconomics class 11 pdf tr jain: This is the time to add one of the most recommended books on microeconomics which is written by renowned author TR Jain and VK Ohri. Here, we are talking about class 11 Introductory Microeconomics which is specially designed for class XI students.  

If you are also in class 11th and looking for such a valuable book to cover microeconomics section for your preboard then it is the must have book for you to read.  

Introductory microeconomics class 11 pdf tr jain

The new revised edition of the book equipped with all the latest content and syllabus which is prescribed by CBSE.  

Introductory Microeconomics for Class 11 is published by VK Global Publications Pvt Ltd. This book comprises of 13 chapters, project work, sample paper and previous year’s paper.  introductory microeconomics class 11 pdf tr jain

In a single book you will get access to all essential content which is vital for your upcoming examinations.  

The language of the book is very simple and easy to understand for every student. 

It gives comprehensive coverage of the topic with its revised version. It is the most sought out book among the class 11 students and if you are also preparing for your pre-board then refer to the given link below to grab your book copy.  

Contents of microeconomics class 11 vk ohri pdf

  • Economics and Economy
  • Central problems of an economy
  • Consumer’s equilibrium utility analysis
  • Consumer’s equilibrium indifference curve analysis
  • Theory of demand
  • Price elasticity of demand
  • Productions functions and return to a factor
  • Concepts of cost
  • Concepts of revenue
  • Producer’s equilibrium
  • Theory of supply
  • Forms of market
  • Market equilibrium

About introductory microeconomics class 11 tr jain pdf

Book Name Introductory Macroeconomics By TR Jain and VK Ohri for CBSE Class 11 Book
Author Name TR Jain and VK Ohri
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 468
Language English
Publication  VK Global Publications Pvt Ltd

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