Reasoning Book by Piyush Varshney PDF

Reasoning book by piyush varshney pdf: Hello friends, in this post we are going to provide you with one of the highly useful books on reasoning which is written by renowned author and teacher Piyush Varshney. The title of the book is Reasoning Book with Piyush Varshney Solve Without Pen and Paper.  

As the title itself reveals, it will help you to learn how to solve problems without using pen and paper. In computer-based examination it plays a vital role if you have command over this method.  

Reasoning book by piyush varshney pdf

If you learn to solve the question without using pen and paper with accuracy and speed, then it increases your chance to succeed in examination.  

This reasoning book is available in Hindi and English version so that both medium students can prepare the reasoning section for their upcoming exams.  reasoning book by piyush varshney pdf

It is a highly demanding book among all those aspirants who are preparing for various competition exams including SSC, Bank, CSAT, Railway, Police and other state and regional exams.  

If you are also preparing for any government job examination, then it is a must have book for you to add to your book collection.  

Contents of piyush sir reasoning book pdf in hindi 

  1. Coding-Decoding 
  2. Pair Formation 
  3. Letter Series 
  4. Alphabetical Series 
  5. Word Formation 
  6. Dictionary 
  7. Jumbling 
  8. Number Series 
  9. Missing Number 
  10. Analogy or Similarity 
  11. Odd One Out (Classification) 
  12. Coded Equation 
  13. Dice 
  14. Cube and Cuboid 
  15. Counting Figures 
  16. Blood Relation 
  17. Calendar 
  18. Clock 
  19. Direction and Distance 
  20. Syllogism 
  21. Ranking Test 
  22. Seating Arrangement 
  23. Puzzle 
  24. Venn-Diagram 
  25. Inequality 
  26. Machine Input-Output 
  27. Statement – Arguments 
  28. Statement – Assumptions 
  29. Statement – Conclusions 
  30. Statement – Courses of Action 
  31. Cause and Effect 
  32. Assertion and Reason 
  33. Decision Making 
  34. Data Sufficiency 
  35. Word-Based Problems 
  36. Matrix 
  37. Mirror and Water Images 
  38. Paper Folding and Cutting 
  39. Embedded Figure 
  40. Completion of Figure 
  41. Grouping of Figures 
  42. Series 
  43. Analogy 
  44. Classification 
  45. Dot Situation 
  46. Figure Formation 

About piyush sir reasoning book pdf in hindi download 

Title Reasoning Book With Piyush Varshney Solve Without Pen And Paper
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 712
Subject Reasoning
Language English/Hindi 

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