XEEED Computer Book PDF

Xeeed computer book pdf: Hey dear students, this is the time to add one of the most reputed and demanded books on computers to your book collection. Here we are going to provide you with an x-eeed publication computer book pdf which is designed to equip aspirants with basic knowledge of computers.  

The computer is becoming an essential component of our day-to-day life and if you are a youth who is preparing to shape their future then it is a must have skill for you to stand out in this most challenging era. 

Xeeed computer book pdf

In today’s modern world it is essential to have deeper knowledge of Computer and its applications, so that you can optimize your work performance and generate maximum output in minimum time.  

There are plenty of books and notes available on computer so you can refer to any book and notes to grab some basic theoretical knowledge on computer.  xeeed computer book pdf

Here we are going to share with you the pdf download link of one of the highly useful books that is written in a very easy to comprehend manner which is xeed publication computer book pdf.  

X-eeed publication computer book pdf 

With the help of this book, you can easily grasp basic to advanced level computer related knowledge which is important to know before operating it.  

In most of the competitive exams there are basic or common questions asked to assess the basic knowledge of the candidate and if you have read this type of book then you can easily mark the correct answer.  

In this book you will get the 14 chapters which cover all the important topics which are essential for various competitive examinations.  

If you are also looking for a computer awareness book, then you can refer to this book to learn basic computer knowledge and succeed in your exam and career. 

Contents of xeeed computer book pdf 

  • Introduction of Computer 
  • Computer Architecture 
  • Input & Output Device 
  • Computer Memory 
  • Data Representation 
  • Computer Software 
  • Operating System 
  • Microsoft Windows 
  • Microsoft Office 
  • Microsoft Office 
  • Data Communication and Networking 
  • Internet and Its Services 
  • Computer Security 
  • Miscellaneous Questions 

About xeed computer book pdf in hindi 

Title x-eeed publication computer book pdf
Format PDF
Size mb 
Pages 153
Subject computer
Language English/Hindi 

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