Advance Maths Notes by Sandeep Bohay PDF

Advance maths notes by sandeep bohay pdf: This is the time to gear up your preparation by adding one of the most useful books on advance math which is written by renowned author and teacher Sandeep Bohay.  

There we are going to share with you the ultimate book of various competition exams which include SSC CGL Tier 1 and Tier 2. It is a useful resource which will aid aspirants while preparing for the advanced math section for their upcoming exams.  

Advance maths notes by sandeep bohay pdf

So, are you also going to appear in the upcoming SSC and other competition exam where the mathematics section is being asked, then you are landed at the right site. Here we are going to provide you with the Sandeep Bohay’s Advance Maths Notes pdf to assist you in your preparation journey.  

It is an ideal book to cover advance math section and the best part is you are going to grab it free on this site.  advance maths notes by sandeep bohay pdf 

These handwritten maths notes give a comprehensive coverage of a wide range of mathematical topics like Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra, and Mensuration. 

The topics covered in the book are very useful from an exam perspective and there is a due emphasis given to different types of question that can be asked in the upcoming exams.   

Maths notes by sandeep bohay download 

These notes will be availble in both Hindi and English version, aspirants can opt according to their choice and began your preparation journey.   

You will not face the language barrier while preparing with these notes.  

In this note there is a previous year question with detailed solution are added in the notes to give a brief overview about exam question to candidates.   

If you are also a government job aspirant and looking for such an ideal book to excel in your examination, then it can help you to succeed.   

So, if you are also interested in downloading Sandeep Bohay’s Advance Maths Notes PDF then refer to the below link to grab your book copy.

Contents of sandeep bohay maths notes pdf 


  • Lines, Angles, Polygons 
  • Triangles & Quadrilaterals 
  • Circles 


  • Trigonometric Ratios 
  • Identities 
  • Important Tricks 
  • Maximum & Minimum Values 
  • Height & Distance 


  • Linear Equations 
  • Coordinate Geometry 
  • X-Coordinate – Abscissa 
  • Y-Coordinate – Ordinate 
  • Polynomials 
  • Types of Polynomials 
  • Zeros (Roots) of a Polynomials 
  • HCF & LCM of Polynomials 
  • Advanced Algebra 


  • 2D Mensuration 
  • Triangles 
  • Quadrilaterals 
  • Circles 

3D Mensuration 

  • Cuboid 
  • Cube 
  • Cylinder 
  • Cone 
  • Sphere-Hemisphere 
  • Right Prism 
  • Right Pyramid 

About maths notes by sandeep bohay pdf 

Book Name maths notes by sandeep bohay
Author Name sandeep bohay
Format PDF
Size mb
Pages 123
Language English & Hindi
Publication sandeep bohay

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