O level books PDF Download

o level books pdf

Nielit o level books pdf free download: The O level courses are basically designed to impart the candidates with the latest technologies changes and development. As digitalization increases the demand for new tools and technology is also increasing rapidly and to give the best solution to the digital need it requires skill and knowledge related … Read more

Anne frank diary PDF download

anne frank diary pdf

Anne frank diary pdf download: In this article we will discuss about the story of Anne frank in brief, to read in detail candidates can refer to the diary of anne frank pdf book.  Anne frank wrote the diary name The diary of a young girl. Anne Frank was an Jewish and was killed by … Read more

Sp bakshi english book PDF

Sp bakshi english book pdf

Objective general english by sp bakshi pdf: The latest edition of the sp bakshi english book pdf will help the aspirants in identifying their preparation and also assist in directing the aspirants towards their goals. The revised edition of the sp bakshi pdf has enough resources to achieve your dream and make them true. This book … Read more

Op tandon organic chemistry PDF

op tandon organic chemistry pdf

Op tandon organic chemistry pdf download: Organic chemistry by op tandon is a very famous book among the IIT JEE, NEET and other competitive examinations students and it helps many students to understand the concept of organic chemistry.  Organic chemistry generally deals with carbon compounds and with the help of this book one can easily … Read more

Op tandon physical chemistry PDF

op tandon physical chemistry pdf

op tandon physical chemistry pdf free download: This physical chemistry book is basically all about to guide the students about physical chemistry and to make them familiarize about the conceptual aspects that help in learning and understanding. It is the one of the best choices for all those aspirants who are looking for the best … Read more

Entrepreneurship class 11 PDF

entrepreneurship class 11 pdf

Entrepreneurship class 11 pdf download: Entrepreneurship courses are added in the curriculum to impart the basic knowledge and information about entrepreneurship in the students. Most of the students are not familiar with the term so before going ahead we will quickly know the meaning of the word entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is the process of becoming an … Read more

Pradeep physics class 11 PDF

pradeep physics class 11 pdf

Pradeep physics class 11 pdf free download: Senior secondary exams for the students is one of the very crucial exams that help him/her to shape their future, to get admission in higher studies, to apply for different competitive examinations, needed for resume and more. To score good marks in 11th and 12th examination it is … Read more

Andhra pradesh geography in english PDF

andhra pradesh geography in english pdf

Andhra pradesh geography in english pdf: In this article we will share with you the one of the most demanding for the aspirant preparing for the regional exams i.e andhra pradesh geography book pdf in english. The book covers the geography sections in a detailed manner that is divided in various chapters and topics in … Read more

A letter to god PDF download

a letter to god pdf

A letter to god full story pdf: A letter to god pdf is a first chapter of the class 10 english book first flight that covers a story of a farmer Lencho (farmer) who writes a letter to the God when his crops are ruined, asking for a hundred pesos. The chapter covers oral comprehensive … Read more

Principles of management PDF

principles of management pdf

Principles of management pdf download: Many of us want to become businessmen or are seeking to start a venture but due to lack of information and knowledge most of us fail and leave the idea. There are some sets of rules and principles that are defined by the renowned personality and people who became successful … Read more