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Bsc book download for free in pdf: Today we are going to discuss some important subjects which understudies go through during the span of course or programme. Let’s elaborate about them one by one. 

B.Sc or Bachelor of Science is a wonderful programme which is enriched with various interesting studies, facts and experiments. Generally there are three to four core subjects while some colleges or universities offer more elective subjects.

Bsc book download

If you take any three core subjects in the first year of graduation you will continue to study them till second year but in the final year or third year you will have only two subjects. It will be your choice to eject one subject in final year. 

Subjects in B.Sc  are as follows

  • Physics 
  • Chemistry 
  • Computer Science 
  • Biology
  • Agriculture 
  • Economics 
  • Geography 

Are some very popular among the students. Now it’s time to evaluate a little about the subjects. bsc book download


Physics is a very well known  subject and people are quite interested to learn about this subject. Physics makes us learn about light, sound, lens, current, working of appliances etc. 


Chemistry is also a very demanding subject for those students who are interested in chemical sciences. This subject deals with various reactions, happenings like ripening of crops, cooking of food, process for making pickles, soap formation, carbon compounds etc. 

Computer Science 

As we all know that the computer has become an important gadget in our lives and plays a vital role in making our work easier. Many students who are quite interested in computers and technology are more inquisitive to study this subject. 

Studying this subject is like entering into the world of technology. Making slides, programming, web designing, editing, ethical hacking all are its constituents. 


Biology means study related to living beings like humans, animals, plants etc. Biology has become a very attention seeking subject because it gives us ideas and full knowledge of the working of human body parts, the process of making food by plants, the behavior of animals and microorganisms. 

Understudies who are interested in the medical field are more inquisitive to go through this subject. 


As we all know that Agriculture is an important part of our lives, we feed on agricultural products. Agriculture is an impressive subject for the students who take interest in crop feeding, sciences in farming, seeding techniques, enhancement of crops yielding etc. This subject is framed to make one learn and understand the yielding and farming knowledge of crops, fertilizer pesticides etc. 


B.Sc Economics makes the use of mathematical background because it deals with statistics, data regarding the growth, monetary related studies, banking, global economics, trade, commerce, growth rate, etc.

The study of economics is crucial for those who are working in firms, operating markets usually require economics study for fluidity in understanding. Economic experts are there who evaluate the economic policies and elucidate the dynamic changes in the market. 


Geography is a prevalent study for the larger fraction of students, being an interesting and lively subject which comprises of studies about plains, mountain ranges, rivers, dams, oceans, boundaries, crops in different areas, mineral, resources, energy, earth, planets, space etc 

This subject is like eternal study because the more you will keep on studying it the more knowledgeable you will be. 

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Books for these subjects need not to be the same, different colleges, institutions and universities may have their own selected books. You will easily come to know which book you will  have to purchase after you will make yourself sure about which course/subject you  are going to pursue. 


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