A house is not a home class 9 PDF    

A house is not a home class 9 pdf: This story shows the challenges of being a teenager, and the problems of growing up. How does the author overcome his problems? It is a very real and relatable story that any teenager can easily relate with their real life. 

This story is written by Zan Gaudioso, here the author shares a story with a male character. He shared the experience and challenges he faced when he switched junior school to high school. There he experienced a completely new environment, in his first year he was new and felt awkward. In their previous school he was head of the class and had privileges and facilities that a senior got. But in the new school he was a freshman and didn’t possess any privilege and respect.

A house is not a home class 9 pdf

It is also experienced by many of us when we enter a new school. The new school was twice as big as his old school, and to make matters worse, his closest friends were sent to a different high school.

The author missed his old teacher, so he kept visiting him and his teacher always encouraged him to meet new people and get involved in activities to normal the situations. a house is not a home class 9 pdf

And his teacher said after some time you will love your new one more than your old one but don’t forget us to meet. On one Sunday the author was sitting at a dining table and doing her homework. It was very cold and windy so her mom kept stoking the fire to keep the house warm. There was a cat who kept playing with the author’s pen. 

Suddenly smoke filled the room and the author and their mother ran away in the garden. The author called the neighbor to inform Firebicket and her mother ran inside the house carrying a box that contained important paper and documents and again she ran back into the house and collected the old memories and picture of her husband but she was stuck between the fire. Author father died when he was very young and his mother was trying to save the memories of his father. The author tries to save her mother but the fireman holds his hand and ensures that.    

Then a firefighter held the narrator in a blanket and sat him down in our car and suddenly a firefighter came out from a house with her mother and quickly moved her in a truck and placed an oxygen mask. Author felt very scared and thought he was about to leave her mother but nothing serious, she was ok. 

Understand the term a house is not a home

House- It is simply a building
Home- It means a place where we happily live together, have some love, bonding, feeling, emotions etc. 

His house was completely burned and after some time the author realized his cat was missing and he lost his house, cat and many more. He was completely broken by the whole incident. He thought about searching for his cat but it was not allowed to enter the burned house. He spent their night in Zen’s grandparent house and went to school the next day. 

To read and understand the story in detail refer to the moments in class 9 a house is not a home pdf by clicking the link below. 

house is not a home class 9 pdf

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