Magical Book on Quicker Maths PDF

Magical book on quicker maths pdf: This mathematics book by m tyra covers the mathematics section for the preparation of various competitive examinations like SSC, Railway, Bank, Police and various other competitive exams.

The purpose of the book is to serve the students with high quality content with miraculous technique to solve the various problems. For any competitive exams time, speed and accuracy matter a lot and it defines the final result of the exam. Students have to focus on each aspect during the practice to get the optimistic result. 

Magical book on quicker maths pdf

It is an ideal book to prepare for various competitive exams including SSC, UPSC, CPO, LIC, GIC and UTI and others. The primary purpose of designing this book is to serve valuable content to the students and help them to tackle various types of questions.  

The magical book on quicker maths latest edition pdf download is suitable to cover the latest exam syllabus. Throughout the book you will find the clear and easy to understandable approach used in the book to explain the concept.  magical book on quicker maths pdf

The book has been divided into various chapters that contain clear introduction on different mathematical topics with the important derivations and formulae that aid in understanding the core concept of the topic. It is considered as one of the excellent books for quantitative aptitude & numerical ability for banking preparation and other different examinations.

Magical book on quicker maths latest edition pdf download

The book is designed in such a manner that can serve both mathematical and non mathematical background students. By analyzing the latest changes in the exam pattern a few new chapters have been introduced with important previous year questions added in every chapter.

This magical book on quicker maths pdf helps the students to tackle the problem faster and more effectively. The book contains easy to learn concepts to assist the students to solve complex problems easily and accurately.

The m tyra book pdf contains 36 chapters each chapter start with some theory part and follow by illustration to understand the concept easily. According to quicker maths, the book means speed and accuracy at both the simple numerical operations and complex problems. The special part of this book is that it provides you both the detail as well as the quicker methods to solve the problems.

If you are the one who is searching for the magical book on quicker maths pdf, then you are at the right place here we try to provide you the free pdf of the m tyra pdf.

The book is useful for:

The m tyra book is useful for the different competitive examinations some of them are:

  • Banks, LIC, GIC, UTI, SSC,
  • CPO, Management, Railways, Police
  • and other competitive exams.

M tyra pdf book details

  • Book Name –Magical Book on Quicker Maths by M.Tyra
  • Author-  Manoj Tyra
  • Format- PDF
  • Size- mb
  • Page-  791
  • Quality- High
  • Language- English
  • Chapter’s- Arithmetic and Advanced maths
  • Publication- Bsc Publishing

Book contents of magical book on quicker maths pdf

  1. How to prepare for Maths
  2. Addition
  3. Multiplication
  4. Divisibility
  5. Squaring
  6. Cube
  7. HCF & LCM
  8. Fractions
  9. Decimal Fractions
  10. Elementary Algebra
  11. Surds
  12. Number System
  13. Binary System
  14. Permutation & Combination
  15. Probability
  16. Ratio and Proportion
  17. Partnership
  18. Percentage
  19. Average
  20. Problems Based on Ages
  21. Profit and Loss
  22. Simple Interest
  23. Compound Interest
  24. Allegation
  25. Time and Work
  26. Work and Wages
  27. Pipes and Cisterns
  28. Time and Distance
  29. Trains
  30. Streams
  31. Elementary Mensuration-I
  32. Elementary Mensuration-II
  33. Series
  34. Data Sufficiency
  35. Data Analysis 
  36. Trigonometry

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