Magical Book Series English Is Easy PDF

Magical book series english is easy pdf: As the title of the book is English Is Easy the book also makes the English easy for aspirants. Title is very well matched with the book content; it is design to make the English grammar rule very easy and simple for students. With the help of this book, you can easily comprehend the English and it will also assist you to build strong vocabulary base and comprehensive skill.  

To learn English, it is required to have basic foundation of English grammar and have a strong vocabulary base that make your journey to learn English very easy. 

Magical book series english is easy pdf

We all know to learn English it is very important to have command over vocabulary section, it is also called as the backbone of English. And this book will help you to improve this section as well and assist you to command over English language.      

We are generally afraid from the rules of English grammar and to learn all grammar rules by heart it not possible, there is chance of error. So, to make this process simple this book explains the rules of grammar along with its importance and use and also elaborates on the relevance of rules while forming sentences.  magical book series english is easy pdf

To learn English fundamentally it is important to comprehend words. If you have command over English vocabulary, then your journey towards learning English speaking will be easy.   

English is easy pdf free

In this book you will get the basic coverage on idioms and phrases and phrasal verbs in exclusive chapters. There is a dedicate section on foreign words are given in the book that are used in English.  

It will also introduce its readers with the words that are important and must for students to learn basic English. It is not easy to learn every word so there are sentences used in order to help students to learn words easily. 

When you learn the basic rules of grammar then it becomes easy for you to step up and move to the next part. There are exercises given in the book to practice.   

The book also discusses sentence constructs and the logical arrangement of words in a sentence. So, if you want to learn English then follow the given below link to get magical book series English is easy pdf.  

English is easy book pdf Contents 

Section A: Grammar 

  • Noun 
  • Pronoun 
  • Verb 
  • Adjectives 
  • Adverb 
  • Preposition 
  • Conjunction 
  • Interjection 
  • Direct and indirect speech 
  • Sentence construction 
  • Transformation of sentences exercise 
  • Miscellaneous exercises 1 
  • Miscellaneous exercises 2 

Section B: Vocabulary 

  • Word of words(ww) 
  • World of idioms and phrases 
  • Words of phrasal verbs 
  • Word of origin words 
  • Fill in the blank’s answers and explanations 
  • Synonyms 
  • Antonyms exercise 
  • Rapid fillers 
  • Words denoting sound 
  • One word for many 

Section C: Comprehension 

  • An introduction 
  • Long sentence: No problem! K splitters some illustrations do it yourself 
  • Practice exercises answers and explanations 
  • Sentence arrangement 

English is easy book pdf download book details

Book Name Magical Book Series – English is Easy
Format PDF
Author Chentanandan Singh
Size mb
Page 764
Subject English 
Language English 
Publication BSC Publishing Co. Pvt. Ltd

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