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Class 9 tamil book pdf: Today we are going to discuss the books in class 9th in context to the Tamil Board of Education. 

We will talk about subjects briefly one by one. 

class 9 tamil book pdf


Mathematics is an awesome subject in the field of study because it plays a vital role in our lives and makes us deal with logical handling of questions, word problems and is very crucial for understanding other subjects like science, numericals, calculating figures or data etc. class 9 tamil book

If we talk with reference to the Tamil Nadu Board of Education, Samacheer Kalvi Mathematics is the book which is taught in this institutional board. This book is authored by experts which houses many topics which are mentioned below, this book enables students to get knowledge about the various topics and chapters which will help them in further studies. This book is designed by focusing on practical activities like tabulation of class data, tabulation of vehicle data and analysis of that data. In such a way students feel quite enthusiastic while doing those activities. 

Topics enriched in Mathematics book are given below

  1. Set Language 
  2. Algebra 
  3. Real Numbers
  4. Geometry 
  5. Coordinate Geometry 
  6. Trigonometry
  7. Mensuration
  8. Statistics 
  9. Probability 

Social Science 

Social Science is a subject which comprises of sub-subjetcs, those are History, Civics, Geography, Economics Sociology, Political Science, Social Psychology and many more subjects. 

Social Science book which is taught in Tamil Nadu Board is Samacheer Kalvi Social Science. 

This book aims to provide knowledge about past happenings like wars, cultures, civilization, strategies used by invaders and warriors, river system, mountains, valleys, human behavior, crops, political moves, legislation, law, constitution, ancient moves of our Brave Fighters, economic strategies and terms etc. 

Social Science plays an important role in understanding the past of our India. Understudies who are interested in understanding past of our India and resources in India can appreciate this subject. 

Topics included in this Book are:-


  • Evolution of Humans And Society  
  • Ancient Civilization 
  • Early Tamil Society and Culture
  • Intellectual Awakening and Socio Political Changes
  • The classical world
  • The Middle Ages
  • State society in Medieval India
  • The Beginning of Modern Age
  • The Age of Revolution 
  • Colonialism in Asia and Africa


  • Lithosphere Part 1&2
  • Atmosphere 
  • Biosphere 
  • Hydrosphere
  • Man and Environment 
  • Mapping Skills
  • Disaster Management 


  • Forms of government and democracy 
  • Election, political parties and pressure groups
  • Human Rights
  • Forms of Government 
  • Local Form of Government 
  • Road Safety


  • Understanding Development 
  • Employment in India and TamilNadu
  • Money and credit 
  • Agriculture in Tamil Nadu
  • Migration

Social Science also includes chapters in itself.

  • Social Studies Part 1
  • Social Studies Part 2
  • Social Studies Part 3


Science is an interesting subject which understudies love to indulge in its depth because it has 3 sub-subjects : Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 

This subject enables students to learn about what is happening in their surroundings like working of bulb, T.V, sound, reaction of substances, living life of humans and plants, phases of evolution etc. 

Name of Science book in Tamil Nadu Board is :-Samacheer Kalvi Science. 

This book aims to make reader learn in a very interactive and delicate way, by going through practicals and experiments one can easily understand this book. 

Topics included in this book are:-


  • Measurement 
  • Motion 
  • Fluids
  • Electric charge and electric current
  • Magnetism and Electromagnetism 
  • Light
  • Heat
  • Universe
  • Matter around uS


  • Atomic Structure 
  • Periodic classification of Elements
  • Chemical Bonding
  • Acid, Bases and Salts
  • Carbon and Its compounds
  • Applied Chemistry


  • Animal Kingdom 
  • Organization and Tissues
  • Plants physiology 
  • Organ System in Animals 
  • Nutrition and Health
  • World of microbes
  • Economic Biology 
  • Environmental Science 
  • Libreoffice Impression 
  • Practicals

In this way one can understand clearly after reading topics what one is going to hold after reading these books. 

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