Natural Vegetation and Wildlife Class 9 PDF

Natural vegetation and wildlife class 9 pdf: In this article we are going to share with you natural vegetation and wildlife class 9 ncert pdf that will help you to understand the role and important of natural vegetation and wildlife. Along with this we will also briefly discuss about this chapter in this article so that you will get some basic concepts about natural vegetation and wildlife.  

Chapter five natural vegetation and wildlife what is natural vegetation well it refers to a planned community which has grown naturally without human aid and has been left undisturbed so that is natural vegetation. Now remember every vegetation is not natural there are props and fruits which are grown and cultivated by human beings, so they are also part of vegetation but not natural vegetation.  

Natural vegetation and wildlife class 9 pdf

So, in this chapter we will read about the natural vegetation as well as the wildlife of our country.  

Now the term Flora and fauna- flora means plants learn this word as flower and the word fauna in which he is that after that means animal, so learn this way and you will not be puzzled between Flaura and fauna.  natural vegetation and wildlife class 9 pdf

So, in a country like India there’s a huge diversity in plants and animal Kingdom you will find many species of plants and animals, now there are certain factors that are responsible for such a diversity.  

So quickly read about them in brief, we will divide the factors into categories, we have land and soil land has a direct and indirect effect on the national vegetation you will not find seeing type of plants everywhere for example mountains and plateaus will have different kinds of trees and if a band is called, I’d be Nope that is suitable for agriculture.  

Natural vegetation and wildlife class 9 notes pdf

Soil varies from place to place we have some six to seven legs of sun that are found in India. Hence different types of soil will produce different kinds of plants you will not see lush green plants or things going on or similarly bottle Rosenblat soil.  

So, you will not find them growing in red soil so that’s the role of soil going to the second category temperature have important role in the growth of plants and trees because the temperature the air quality in the environment changes that’s. 

As we go away from the equator temperature decreases and the type of vegetation cover also changes near the equator, you will find ever being Forest Green trees such as grow food bargaining are found but then if you go to there you will find the trees such as pine cedar, Yoder are found. So that’s the role of temperature so in this book you can see him precious characteristics. 

To read in detail refer the below pdf.  

Natural vegetation and wildlife class 9 ncert pdf details

Book Name natural vegetation and wildlife class 9 ncert pdf
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Page 12
Subject natural vegetation and wildlife
Language English 

natural vegetation and wildlife pdf
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