Errorless chemistry PDF Download

Universal self scorer errorless chemistry pdf free download: For all those aspirants who are seeking out for the best chemistry book for IIT JEE exams then you are landed at the right page, here we will provide you a detailed overview about the one of the most popular books for JEE mains and advanced examinations.

The errorless chemistry book pdf is one of the most sought and recommended books by toppers that are based on the latest exam syllabus and guidelines.

Errorless chemistry pdf download

The book is divided into two volumes- Volume 1 and 2. Volume 1 covers sixteen chapters and volume 2 consists of seventeen chapters. Some of the exclusive features of the book that stand out from others are it comprises 12500+ topicwise questions that are fully solved and taken from the past 43 years JEE papers, NCERT exemplar, KVPY and others.

The book has unlimited test and practice questions that can be redeemed by scanning the code and practice more to attempt accuracy and speed. errorless chemistry pdf

Key feature:

  • It include 2020 question paper and 2021 February & March Paper
  • There are 12,500+ Critical Questions
  • It also give access of free online content & Test Papers
  • Based on NTA based syllabus & guidelines
  • It comprises MCQs taken from the last 43 years of India Wide Exams along with solutions. 
  • Topic Wise & Levelwise Grading of Questions.

Errorless chemistry pdf book details

  • Book Name –universal self scorer errorless chemistry 
  • Format– PDF
  • Author– Universal Books
  • Size– mb
  • Page- 2101
  • Subject– chemistry
  • Language– English 
  • Publication- Universal Books

Errorless chemistry pdf download book Contents

Chemistry Volume 1

  1. Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry 
  2. Structure of Atomic
  3. Classification Of Elements and Periodicity Properties
  4. Chemical Bonding and Molecular structure
  5. States of Matter
  6. Thermodynamics and Thermochemistry
  7. Chemical Equilibrium
  8. Ionic Equilibrium
  9. Redox reactions
  10. Hydrogen
  11. The s-block elements
  12. The p-block elements (Boron and carbon family)
  13. Purification, classification and Nomenclature of organic compound
  14. General organic chemistry
  15. Hydrocarbon
  16. Environmental chemistry
    Volume- 2
  17. Solid State
  18. Solutions
  19. Electrochemistry
  20. Chemical kinetics
  21. Surface chemistry
  22. General principle and processes of isolations of elements
  23. The p- block Elements (Nitrogen, Oxygen, Halogen and Noble family)
  24. The d and f- block Elements 
  25. Coordination compounds
  26. Haloalkanes and Haloarenes
  27. Alcohols, phenols and ethers
  28. Aldehydes and ketones
  29. Carboxylic acids
  30. Organic compounds containing nitrogen
  31. Biomolecules
  32. Polymers
  33. Chemistry in everyday life

errorless chemistry volume 1 & 2 pdf
errorless chemistry book 

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