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Piyush varshney reasoning book pdf: In this article we are going to present with you the one of the very popular books on reasoning among the aspirants preparing for competition exams that is piyush varshney reasoning book pdf download. This book is designed to keep in mind the various competitive exams like SSC, Railway, Bank, CSAT, Police exams, NTSE and other state and central level examinations.  

If you are also preparing for any of this examination or the one where reasoning section are asked then this book is for you. It will give you a complete overview of reasoning. The whole book consists of 46 chapters that cover various topic in a simple and lucid manner.

Piyush varshney reasoning book pdf

This book is available in English and Hindi both languages, so you don’t have to bother about the language issue.  

This reasoning book by Piyush Varshney is a complete and comprehensive book that cover verbal and non-verbal section of reasoning. It comprises of plenty of different questions based on multiple pattern that help you to practice over different types of question.  piyush varshney reasoning book pdf  

If you are also looking for such great book to speed up your preparation then this book is for you. You can check out the below link to get the book pdf and start preparation.  

Piyush varshney reasoning book pdf english details

Book Name Piyush varshney reasoning book
Format PDF
Author Piyush varshney
Size mb
Page 712
Subject Reasoning
Language English

Contents of piyush varshney reasoning book pdf in hindi

  1. Coding – Decoding/कोडिंग-डिकोडिंग 
  2. Pair Formation/युग्म गठन  
  3. Letter Series/अक्षर श्रृंखला  
  4. Alphabetical Series/वर्णमाला श्रृंखला  
  5. Word Formation/शब्द गठन  
  6. Dictionary/शब्दकोश  
  7. Jumbling/अक्षरों का तार्किक क्रम  
  8. Number Series/संख्या श्रृंखला  
  9. Missing Number/लुप्त संख्याएँ  
  10. Analogy or Similarity/सादृश्यता परीक्षण  
  11. Odd One Out (Classification)/affcheut  
  12. Coded Equation/गणितीय समीकरण  
  13. Dice/पासा  
  14. Cube and Cuboid/घन और घनाभ  
  15. Counting Figures/आकृतियों की गणना  
  16. Blood Relation/रक्त संबंध  
  17. Calendar/कैलेंडर  
  18. Clock/घड़ी  
  19. Direction and Distance/दिशा और दूरी परीक्षण  
  20. Syllogism/न्याय निगमन/न्याय संगत  
  21. Ranking Test/क्रम व्यवस्था परीक्षण  
  22. Seating Arrangement/बैठने की व्यवस्था 
  23. Puzzle/पहेली 
  24. Venn-Diagram/वेन आरेख 
  25. Inequality/असमानताएं 
  26. Machine Input-output/मशीन इनपुट-आउटपुट 
  27. Statement – Arguments/कथन और तर्क 
  28. Statement – Assumptions/कथन और पूर्वधारणाए 
  29. Statement – Conclusions/कथन और निष्कर्ष 
  30. Statement – Courses of Action/कथन और कार्यवाही 
  31. Cause and Effect/कारण और परिणाम 
  32. Assertion and Reason/अभिकथन और कारण 
  33. Decision Making/निर्णय लेना 
  34. Data Sufficiency/आँकड़े पर्याप्तता 
  35. Word-Based Problems/शब्दों पर आधारित प्रश्न 
  36. Matrix/आव्यू 
  37. Mirror and water Images/दर्पण और क्षैतिज प्रतिबिंब 
  38. Paper Folding and Cutting/कागज मोड़ना एवं काटना 
  39. Embedded Figure/छिपी हुई आकृति पता लगाना 
  40. Completion of Figure/आकृतियों को पूरा करना 
  41. Grouping of Figures/एक जैसी आकृतियों का समूह 
  42. Series/आकृतियों की श्रृंखला 
  43. Analogy/आकृतियों की सादृश्यता 
  44. Classification/आकृतियों का वर्गीकरण 
  45. Dot Situation/बिंदु स्थापना  
  46. Figure Formation/आकृतियों को जोड़ना 

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