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Tulsidas ramcharitmanas pdf download in hindi: Sri Ramcharitmanas is a sacred text which is written with reference to Sri Valmiki Ramayana. Sri Ramcharitmanas is written by a die heart devotee of Shri Ram named Goswami Tulsidas Ji. Shri Ramcharitmanas comprises three words which means ‘Lake of the deeds of Lord Shri Ram’. Shri Ramcharitmanas was written in Awadhi language in the 16th century. 

In Shri Ramcharitmanas there are 9388 quadrupes(चौपाइयां) , 10172 couplets(दोहे) , 87 Sorthe(सोरठे), 47 verses(श्लोक), 208 stanzas(छंद) which counts to 10902 which are mainly revolving around the description of Lord Shri Rama with the feeling of devotion and dedication. 

Ramcharitmanas pdf Download

Shri Ramcharitmanas was written by Goswami Tulsidas Ji who was a devotee and follower of Shri Rama thus Shri Ramcharitmanas is described as a devotee has written it because there is great and appropriate use of figure of speech like alliteration, allegory, inducement etc which shows that Goswami Tulsidas ji was obsessed and inspired with the great characteristics of Lord Shri Rama.

Shri Ramcharitmanas is divided into episodes which are known as Kand(काण्ड). These episodes in order  are:बाल कांड, अयोध्या कांड, अरण्य कांड, किष्किंधा कांड, सुंदर कांड, लंका कांड(युद्ध कांड) एवं उत्तर कांड ramcharitmanas pdf

Originally and traditionally, Ramayan was composed by Sri Valmiki which was in Sanskrit language and Sanskrit at that time was in vogue at that time but Indian Culture faced many foreign invasions due to which culture of Sanskrit got replaced by different languages of different invaders in major parts of India. Thus there was a need to provide the most holy epic Ramayana before the people. 

Here Goswami Tulsidas ji gave his contribution in the form of devotion and dedication towards Shri Ram and presented a translated and devotion rich form of Ramayana named Ramcharitmanas in Awadhi.

As of now Ramayana has been translated into more than 300 languages in which Awadhi/Devanagari  Ramcharitmanas gains lots of attention from the readers. 

About Goswami Tulsidas Ji

Goswami Tulsidas ji was born in 1511 in a place named Soro which falls in district Eta of Uttar Pradesh. 

Goswami Tulsidas ji was a great scholar of Sanskrit. 

When Tulsidas ji was born his parents saw felt some ominous activities from Tulsidas ji thus Tulsidas ji was given to a slave(दास) where he further spent his life. Tulsidas ji got married and his wife induced him towards the devotion of Lord Shri Rama and after few years Tulsidas ji became devotee of Lord Shri Ram from the depth of the heart.

He started to write Ramcharitmanas in 1574 AD and it was the day of Tuesday, Ram Navami and Ayodhya where he started to write Shri Ramcharitmanas . He took 2 years 7 months and 23 days in finalizing the Ramcharitmanas before the devotee of Lord Shri Ram and it was completed in 1576 AD and he died peacefully in 1623 AD. 

Difference B/w Ramayana and Shri Ramcharitmanas 

Ramayana was originally written by Maharishi Valmiki in which Valmiki has described Ram Ji as a social, peaceful and ideal person whereas Goswami Tulsidas Ji in Shri Ramcharitmanas has described Shri Ram ji as incarnation (avatar) of Lord Vishnu and Ramcharitmanas is presented with nice confluence of parts of speech which gives feeling that Goswami Tulsidas ji composed Shri Ramcharitmanas as a gift to the devotees of Lord Rama. 

ramcharitmanas in hindi pdf
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