Oxford english grammar book PDF

Oxford english grammar book pdf download: English grammar is the very important section that is used to form a correct sentence, words, phrases, clauses. In english language grammar is basically used everywhere and from an exam point of view it is needed to have the correct knowledge of grammar. 

The purpose of this grammar book is to serve all those aspirants who are interested in learning the English grammar section. 

Oxford english grammar book pdf

There are many competitive exams in which the english section is asked that also covers the grammar portion, so for all those candidates preparing for different competition exams here we are going to with you the one of the highly suitable books to cover the english grammar section- oxford english grammar book pdf. 

Oxford english grammar pdf book details

  • Book Name –oxford english grammar book
  • Format– PDF
  • Author– Bas Aarts
  • Size– mb
  • Page- 432
  • Subject– english grammar
  • Language– English and Hindi
  • Publication- Oxford

Oxford english grammar pdf book Contents

Part I: The basics oxford english grammar book pdf

Chapter 1: An overview of English grammar

Part II: Form and function 

Chapter 2: Word structure and word-formation
Chapter 3: Word classes and simple phrases
Chapter 4: Grammatical functions, semantic roles, and tree diagrams

Part III: Phrase and clause patterns 

Chapter 5: Complex phrases and coordination
Chapter 6: Clause types and negation
Chapter 7: Finite subordinate clauses
Chapter 8: Non-finite and verbless subordinate clauses

Part IV: Grammar and meaning 

Chapter 9: Tense and aspect
Chapter 10: Mood
Chapter 11: Information structuring

Appendix 1: English irregular verbs
Appendix 2: The structure of the ICE-GB corpus
Notes and further reading

oxford english grammar book pdf
oxford english grammar latest

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