XNXN cube algorithms

xnxn cube algorithms pdf download: Rubik Cube is a 3 D model which is composed of small sized cubes, each face of the small cube is coloured by distinct colors. It’s s another names are Magic Cube, simply cube, puzzle cube or magic cube. There are six faces in a Rubik’s Cube, there are many types of cubes, 2×2 cubes are known as pocket cubes, 3×3 cubes are also on the market. 

This cube does not draw power like a battery, or any source like charging etc. 

xnxn cube algorithms pdf

It is basically a cube shaped object with each face movable. The motive of this puzzle is to train the brain, eradicate boredom and for many people it is a fantasy to solve this puzzle. 

Here is the image of Rubik cube, how this looks like:xnxn cube algorithms pdf

Uses of Cube Algorithm

Look there may be many uses of cube algorithms but taking it as a fun and time pass it is a good object for loneliness and boredom. 

Solving this cube is like disturbing it more, let me explain more. 

If you are new to this then there might be a problem to solve this puzzle because it gets complicated if you keep on disturbing it in the will of solving. But there are certain methods and cheat rules too which make this game quite easier to solve in a couple of minutes. 

Benefits of Rubik’s Cube

Now we will discuss some benefits of Rubik Cube one by one:

  • Increases focus and concentration power
  • Improved Memory retention 
  • Higher patience level
  • Increases attention
  • Improves problem solving skills
  • Sharp and active mind
  • Improvement in cognitive skills of brain
  • Faster thinking and processing skills
  • The tendency of performing big tasks into small ones
  • Reduces stress and relaxes the mind

How to solve Rubik Cube

Let us understand how to solve this cube. First off all you will come to know after playing it several times that there are various methods to solve this puzzle, also there are many solver websites on the internet who help to solve this cube but that’s not fair to take help from the internet because it won’t benefit you in any way. 

For beginners your prime priority should be to match the color on one face of the cube, you can match the colors by swapping one face in four parts or you may solve one face as a whole. 

At the second step you will be matching the other face, this step is slightly tougher than the first face because you have to keep in mind that the first face should not get disturbed. 

By this strategy, you can solve the cube but it will be time taking if you are a beginner. 

Here is the open structure of Rubik Cube, which will let you know about the pattern followed by this puzzle after completing the puzzle. 

This figure shows that there are six faces in a Rubik Cube that are needed to match to complete the cube. 

My Final Words

Rubik Cube is a fantastic game, this is a solo player game, portable, handy, can be played anywhere indoor, outdoor also. For time pass like activities you can avoid playing on mobile phone, computer etc because these are adversely affecting our body but Rubik cube won’t give you any bad effect on your body. This is inexpensive too than other high end gaming platforms like PC, mobiles, play stations etc. 

nxnxn cube algorithms pdf

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